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    [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS (OneX) - Clean, Simple & Fast (70MB)


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    [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS (OneX) - Clean, Simple & Fast (70MB)

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:42 am

    [ROM][4.0.4] Slim ICS (OneX) - Clean, Simple & Fast (70MB)
    by krarvind


    Key features:
    Fully built from AOSP sources with some cherry picks from CM and AOKP team,
    Easy to customize features (thanks to AOKP team) via ASS (Advanced Slim Settings)
    ROM - 70MB
    Slim Common - ~20MB
    5 languages ( en, fr, de, it and es. No new languages will be added)
    Lightning Launcher
    Lockscreen Options ( Calendar, Weather etc, check via ASS)
    Screenshot via Customizable Nav Bar
    OTA app ( Update Me) included.

    Wifi Tethering
    Camera when focusing on faces Force closes?

    Awesome CM Team- for device, vendor and great dev work
    AOKP- for notification power widget, rom control source of which ASS is based of and other cool features
    DT3CH and Melissapugs- for the boot animation
    Ngiordano - for helping me with compiling
    Eugene - for the speedy kernel source.
    TeamWin - for the awesome TWRP recovery
    Koush - for CWM
    google - for providing source
    Systemx - for hosting my ROM's
    chad0989 - for the Fast Charge patch
    KaliAmochz - for big mem patch without breaking video recording
    Koud - for tips on SGS2 compile
    GokhanMoral - for tips on sgs2 kernel
    imoseyon - for GNEx Lean Kernel
    myfluxi - for sgs2 kernel source
    intermediaterepresentation - for One X device and vendor files
    hnernes - for modifying JB Play Store to be multi dpi compatible
    tortureduck - for providing a server to host

    Main website:

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