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    [Kernel] (011) Hybrid (DVFS-UV Control/CPU_G/LP/AVP/EMC) [Oct-12]


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    [Kernel] (011) Hybrid (DVFS-UV Control/CPU_G/LP/AVP/EMC) [Oct-12]

    Post  Admin on Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:07 pm

    [Kernel] (011) Hybrid (DVFS-UV Control/CPU_G/LP/AVP/EMC) [Oct-12]

    by faux123

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    Installation Instructions:

    [normal mode]
    1. download the above file (via phone directly or to a PC)
    2. copy the downloaded zip file to /sdcard/download/
    3. extract boot.img from the zip file to a location of your choice ON YOUR PC
    4. open up a command window (Windows) or shell terminal (Linux/Mac)
    5. connect USB cable to the phone
    6. type "adb reboot bootloader"
    [fastboot mode]
    7. type "fastboot flash boot boot.img"
    8. Once fastboot flash is completed, disconnect the USB cable
    9. Select hboot using volume buttons on the phone
    [recovery mode]
    10. Select recovery
    11. go to /sdcard/download and select the downloaded zip file and let it run its script.
    12. Once the script is done, select "reboot system now"

    Note: After FLASHING, the first reboot may take longer than usual, please be patient... After the first reboot, it may lag during initial load (let everything finish loading). Once everything is loaded and phone is ready for use, reboot the phone a 2nd time and the lag will be gone and everything should be silky smooth...


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