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    [ROM][build9][ms6]IcedCold AOKP HTC One X[07/013/2012]


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    [ROM][build9][ms6]IcedCold AOKP HTC One X[07/013/2012]

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 23, 2012 5:26 am

    [ROM][build9][ms6]IcedCold AOKP HTC One X[07/013/2012]

    by nycbjr

    Download: ?lkks3qnf5sm8jr6

    ICEDCold AOKP milestone 6 for HTC One X - Build 8 -
    Custom kernel built from FrancoR12 source with BT fix included so flashing new BOOT.IMG IS NEEDED
    BT pairing fix - thanks to TeamNDVRu
    A lot of fixes/patches from AOSP gerrit to frameworks, Email, Messaging, Settings and Phone
    fixed ON/OFF swithches for Portugal locale
    added Increasing ringtone volume option to Settings/Sound - CM
    added Allow configuration of DHCP lease time in tethering - CM
    used Trebuchet Launcher (default CM launcher) instead of Launcher2 - much more patched up and with more options
    Settings: Data usage: Linear chart option and 2GB to 100MB vertical axis limit - CM
    added Bulgarian LatinIME dictionary - by Viktor Kojouharov - CM
    added back patched up stock Music player instead beta Apollo player for now
    added ISO mod to the Camera - CM

    What doesn't work:
    CRT Off animation (working with Roman directly on this)
    Wifi Direct


    Main website:

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