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    [ROM][AOSP][BAREBONES] Sakura no Hik@Ri


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    [ROM][AOSP][BAREBONES] Sakura no Hik@Ri

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:26 am

    [ROM][AOSP][BAREBONES] Sakura no Hik@Ri

    by adwinp

    System ?bcj4ab6wib7s33y

    2: Installation:
    >> flash both system.img & boot.img via fastboot:
    # fastboot flash system system.img
    # fastboot flash boot boot.img
    >> Reboot DIRECTLY from bootloader into recovery & format your DATA + CACHE

    3: Issues:
    >> The regular issue plaguing other builds (0.5s rotate, WiFi tether - I'm working on that one, BT-repair)

    4: Features:
    >> This is as AOSP as you can get (with a few additions here & there, mostly hardware support).
    Optimisations: both kernel as well as userland; there is no need to get into the technical details & how this rom differs from others; I'm not a supporter of self-propaganda. See for yourself.
    >> Hik@Ri is geared towards my private needs. It certainly isn't built to "satisfy the masses", although it should be able to serve as a stable and performant base for most of you. My personal philosophy is minimalism, performance and stability, which is why you should bear in mind that this is an AOSP/vanilla ROM (no Sense or other bloated UI). The standard launcher is apex; there is thus no need to upload screenshots.
    >> You need to install all your favourite software. Since everyone has his own preferences, these would be treated as bloat by some people should they have been bundled with the release. Which is why I uploaded a skinny version.


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