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    [ROM] LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V6.4.0 - 31st May |EQS|APM|Tweaks|Aroma|1.29.401.11|EPIC!


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    [ROM] LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V6.4.0 - 31st May |EQS|APM|Tweaks|Aroma|1.29.401.11|EPIC!

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:49 am

    [ROM] LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V6.4.0 - 31st May |EQS|APM|Tweaks|Aroma|1.29.401.11|EPIC!

    by LeeDroid



    LeeDrOiD One Xtreme V6.4.0
    Rebased on 1.29.401.11 Official RUU
    Deodexed, recompressed & zipaligned
    Fixed non boot due to full wipe
    Removed Crypted gps config from aroma as no longer needed
    Fixed sqlite3 database optimization & added re-index (Speed boost!)
    Added clear settings to tweaks (Use with caution)
    Removed Stock battery & wifi icon options from Aroma, see post 3
    LeeDrOiD Tweaks V1.4 (Based on previous LeeDrOiD tweaks source from j4n87)
    Added custom fonts tab (User font requests welcome)
    Cleaned up & re-themed tweaks UI
    Generic sysrw/sysro binaries now used for tweaks remounts
    Added fast dormancy toggle
    Added recent apps button toggle
    3 dot menu toggle moved to "buttons" tab
    Button backlight times to "buttons"tab
    Added button backlight on/off toggle
    Added fonts tab to tweaks - Default, Droid, Courier & Comic Sans for now (Requests welcome)
    Bravia service moved to aroma optional with latest Experia binaries
    Updated to Aroma V2 (Thanks to amarilluz)
    Scrolling in aroma fixed
    Updated SU Binary
    Tweaks script corrections
    GPS Region selection in Aroma
    Removed NvCPLSvc.apk
    Bak to latest stock kernel as standard for now
    Added S Voice from the Samsung Galaxy to Aroma
    Added FlipBoard from the Samsung Galaxy to aroma

    J4n87 - the creator of LeeDrOiD Tweaks

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