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    [ROM]█ ELEGANCIA™ █ ◄S-Off Only►◄Sense 3.6|2.5.0|RUU 3.33|►


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    [ROM]█ ELEGANCIA™ █ ◄S-Off Only►◄Sense 3.6|2.5.0|RUU 3.33|►

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:39 am

    [ROM]█ ELEGANCIA™ █ ◄S-Off Only►◄Sense 3.6|2.5.0|RUU 3.33|►██◄KozmiKKernel►◄|Sense||Senseless|►

    By kozmikkick

    Download links for Pegasus & Blitz ICS Sense 3.6

    Blitz ICS Sense 3.6 v.2.5.0a

    Pegasus ICS Sense 3.6 v.2.5.0a

    Android ICS 4.03 Main base is RUU 3.33.401.106, with the latest HTC Sense 3.6
    Unlocked KozmiK Stockish kernel @1.188 Ghz or Fully Customizable KozmiKKernel
    Stock Look Rom (Blitz Rom)
    Fully themed ROMs available (Pegasus Rom)
    Unique stunning Enhanced Audio Beats included and fully functional
    No Sense restart here
    Dock Mode fully functionnal here
    Lockscreen Wallpaper support here
    Fast, stable, Clean and bugfree here
    Latest GPL and drivers
    Latest updated applications
    JellyBean windows animations
    Holo Locker (JellyBean Lockscreen)
    SmartSync Disabler
    More info:
    Added the ability to de-sense totally the Rom during the Aroma installation phase
    Added the ability to pick up 1 of the 4 Launchers during the installation phase (Nova, Apex, Atom or SGIII)
    Leedroid Tweaks application fully operational
    A lot of Applications can be removed during the installation process
    Record calls
    HQ Camera (Thanks to Nodo)
    Improved GPS lock
    Enabled GPU UI rendering
    Blue highlights (Pegasus Rom)
    Deodexed, zipaligned, tweaked
    Skype working
    Synchronization fully working
    Improved SD card read ahead
    Zram enabled - Only with KozmiKKernel
    Sqlite3 and openvn support
    Extra Quick Settings
    Advanced Power Menu
    Busybox + runparts
    Location is enabled
    A lot of junk removed
    Screenshot by pressing Power and Home - Only if you do not choose Sweep2Wake
    Sony Bravia Engine - HQ Image and Movie improvement
    Elegancia™ tweaked Sound System
    Latest Market
    Aroma 2.50 Installer
    Looking for Rom stability, outstanding battery life and smoothness? Welcome! You are at the right place!
    Trying this Rom once, is adopting it for always
    N.B. See the changelog to know about the updates...

    A Special Thanks to
    Steve0007 for letting this port happen!
    Rafyvitto for providing the guidelines for porting sensation roms to holiday!
    contactwajeeh for assisting in fixing GPS
    dsixda for his amazing kitchen
    Leedroid, Mike1986, NRG and Sergio
    V6-Maniac, Baadnewz, Robocik and rmk
    MikMik, Virus, Cypis and Lozone
    show-p1984 for the kernel work
    Faux for the kernel work
    XxXPachaXxX, NODO-GT
    Virtuous Team, TripNRaVeR, shnizlon
    Jan and M0narx for their work on Tweaks
    amarullz for Aroma
    Team Elegancia Members
    flemming for his M10Tools
    brut.all for the apktool
    And all other great devs that share their work for free!

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