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    [ROM] RENOVATE 5.3.0 | OTA Support | Suite Tools | 4.0.4 | 2.17 | Sense 4.1


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    [ROM] RENOVATE 5.3.0 | OTA Support | Suite Tools | 4.0.4 | 2.17 | Sense 4.1

    Post  Admin on Sun Sep 23, 2012 3:27 am

    [ROM] RENOVATE 5.3.0 | OTA Support | Suite Tools | 4.0.4 | 2.17 | Sense 4.1

    by mwilky



    Based on latest HTC 2.17.401.2
    Android 4.0.4 with HTC Sense 4.1
    Heavily tweaked to improve performance and battery life
    Tons of bloatware removed
    Latest Faux kernel included (flash boot.img provided)
    Deodexed, recompressed and zipaligned with latest SDK revisions
    Fully stripped all debugging info throughout the ROM
    Rooted with latest SuperSU and latest binaries
    True Bravia Engine
    Supercharged from first boot
    Scrolling Cache Disabled
    Extended Quicksettings
    Advanced Power Menu
    SQlite 3 database vacum on boot
    Persistent ADB enabled
    Optimized RAM Management
    High quality camera mod
    One eXtreme Sound Enhancer (thanks Zero)
    Enhanced I/O Performance
    Faster application loading times
    init.d support
    EXT4 filesystem tuneups
    Scrolling caches disabled
    EXT4 filesystem tuneups
    Apps cache cleaned on boot
    Custom Themed
    A lot more!

    How To Flash:
    Download the RENOVATE ROM zip to your computer and copy it to your device's virtual SD card. Once done, on your PC open the zip with a zip extractor and extract the file "boot.img" to your fastboot folder.
    Reboot your phone into Bootloader Mode and connect the USB cable, make sure you have your display says "Fastboot USB" after your device is recognized.
    Press Win Key + R, and type CMD. This will open up an MS-DOS prompt. Navigate to your fastboot folder via "cd C:\android_sdk\fastboot" commands.
    When in the right folder (where you stored the boot.img), in CMD type "fastboot flash boot boot.img" and wait till the action completes. Then type "fastboot erase cache", once its done type "exit" (this will close the CMD window).
    Now disconnect the USB cable and select HBOOT option in Bootloader Mode. Then you will see a RECOVERY option, select it and press the power button to go to recovery.
    You need to do a full wipe before installing RENOVATE ROM, which means:- factory reset/data wipe + cache wipe + dalvik cache wipe and lastly format /system in mounts and storage section.
    Once that is done, you are ready to flash the RENOVATE ROM zip. If you didin't do a full wipe in the previous step you have the option for AROMA installer to do the wipe for you.
    After installation has completed, you will be asked to reboot. Just check the box and press ok.
    Your device will reboot and you will be greeted with a glowing blue light of the RENOVATE boot animation.
    Please be patient while the device is booting, it can take a while!!

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