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    EVO 3D effect on Vivid Home Screen


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    EVO 3D effect on Vivid Home Screen

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:18 pm

    EVO 3D effect on Vivid Home Screen
    by ebaul

    SQLLite Editor. You must be rooted obviously.

    Go to SQLLite and scroll until you find "Settings Storage" (

    Tap it, then tap settings.db

    Then tap system

    Tap htc_3d_home_screen, then hit your menu button and select "Edit Record"

    Change value from "0" to "1"

    Reboot phone

    Once phone reboots, look at screen, now move phone side by side and you'll see the so called 3D effect you see on the Evo3D.

    Not much, but thought some of you might be interested or curious as to how it would look on the Vivid.

    You can always switch that off by doing the same thing, then switching the 1 for a "0", then reboot.

    I didn't notice battery change either way, your choice

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