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    HTC Vivid Fastboot OEM Commands


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    HTC Vivid Fastboot OEM Commands

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:11 pm

    HTC Vivid Fastboot OEM Commands
    by 8125Omnimax

    Can be achieved by using the command fastboot oem ? while Vivid is in Fastboot USB Mode

    Commands are case sensitive!!!

    you can get fastboot by using the Android SDK on Mac / PC / or Linux

    (bootloader) command list
    (bootloader) get_identifier_token
    (bootloader) checkSbl1
    (bootloader) checkHWSecurity
    (bootloader) checkKeycardID
    (bootloader) enter
    (bootloader) keytest
    (bootloader) heap
    (bootloader) boot
    (bootloader) reset
    (bootloader) powerdown
    (bootloader) rebootRUU
    (bootloader) heap_test
    (bootloader) rtask
    (bootloader) task
    (bootloader) enableqxdm
    (bootloader) gencheckpt
    (bootloader) readpid
    (bootloader) writepid
    (bootloader) readcid
    (bootloader) writecid
    (bootloader) readimei
    (bootloader) writeimei
    (bootloader) readsecureflag
    (bootloader) writesecureflag
    (bootloader) lock
    (bootloader) list_partition_emmc
    (bootloader) load_emmc
    (bootloader) check_emmc
    (bootloader) check_emmc_mid
    (bootloader) read_mmc
    (bootloader) load_modem_emmc
    (bootloader) get_wp_info_emmc
    (bootloader) send_wp_info_emmc
    (bootloader) get_ext_csd_emmc
    (bootloader) get_sector_info_emmc
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