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    [ROM] Restore to unrooted GB from ICS (AT&T)


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    [ROM] Restore to unrooted GB from ICS (AT&T)

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 11:06 pm

    [ROM] Restore to unrooted GB from ICS (AT&T)
    by thecubed

    What is this?
    This is a that you flash via HBOOT to restore your phone to stock unrooted Gingerbread shipping ROM. This will also remove Clockwork Recovery

    Why should I use this/care?
    If you've updated your phone to the Ice Cream Sandwich build that AT&T pushed out OTA, or flashed your phone manually, you may at some point in time wish to go back to Gingerbread.
    If you do, you'll find that the and RUU that you would have previously tried to use don't work, since ICS updated your HBOOT.
    This is essentially a "return to warranty" kit. This doesn't remove the "*UNLOCKED*" flag on HBOOT, but it will allow you to return to some semblance of stock just in case.

    How do I use this?
    Your bootloader must be unlocked to flash this.
    Download the file, put it on your external SD, and boot to HBOOT. Accept the update when prompted.
    If you're trying to return your phone to AT&T for warranty, you should probably also re-lock your bootloader also ("fastboot oem lock")
    Please note!
    This is not for HTC Raider / Velocity / Generic Holiday users!
    This restores the shipping HTC Vivid ROM for AT&T.

    Restore to unrooted Gingerbread Stock:

    Main website:

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