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    [Guide] ICS for All htc holiday


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    [Guide] ICS for All htc holiday

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:34 pm

    [Guide] ICS for All htc holiday
    by mohamed_moscow

    Requirements and steps:
    1) S-OFF bootloader
    thanks for Fuses

    2)enter the command "fastboot oem writecid 11111111"
    2.1)enter the command "fastboot reboot-bootloader (Wait for it to reboot the bootloader)
    2.2) enter the command "fastboot getvar cid" [it should confirm your CID is 11111111]

    3) Run this RUU

    4)when it is done. wipe the data and cache in the stock recovery or restore factory settings.

    5) Enter to the fastboot and install ICS (from vivid or telstra)(Here is from vivid -

    6) Unlock the bootloader via HTCdev website -

    7) install the custom recovery JRQA22KXK5

    Cool Root your phone flash a custom rom

    Main website:

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