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    [HOW-TO] SIM Unlock for the HTC Holiday/Raider/Velocity


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    [HOW-TO] SIM Unlock for the HTC Holiday/Raider/Velocity

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 10:26 pm

    [HOW-TO] SIM Unlock for the HTC Holiday/Raider/Velocity
    by cruzin_cruzing

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    1. Fill in the form located here.
    Thanks to sieempi for all the hard work. Don't forget to make a generous donation to him.

    2. The Config.dat file will have been emailed to you. Download the attachment and put it into the root of the external SD card or internal storage of your device depending on what works for you.

    3. Simpy boot into the Bootloader and navigate to the SIMLOCK option with the volume keys and select it by pressing power. The output should look similar to this:

    fat32 init ok
    reading config.dat
    read mccmnc file success
    open CID file fail
    get device IMEI success
    IMEI checking...PASS!

    4. Congratulations, your device should now be SIM Unlocked. You'll need a SIM Card from another carrier to verify.

    Main website:

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