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    [TOOL] HTC Vivid S-Off All-In-One Toolkit v1.0 [6-6-2012]


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    [TOOL] HTC Vivid S-Off All-In-One Toolkit v1.0 [6-6-2012]

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:53 pm

    [TOOL] HTC Vivid S-Off All-In-One Toolkit v1.0 [6-6-2012]

    By hasoon2000


    - Must be on a stock ROM
    - Must be HTCDev unlocked
    - Must be rooted

    How To Use. THIS IS FOR THE PC ONLY. No plans ever for Mac or Linux. Sorry.
    1. Download the toolkit DO NOT RENAME THE FOLDER
    2. Download Winrar from here. Install it after you download it
    3. Extract the folder anywhere.
    4. Run the program.

    - The guys at the AutoIT help forum that helped me learn how to make the script!
    - Developers that made ControlBear!
    - The community for being awesome!
    - HTC for making us the phone so we can be a community!
    - To everyone else I may have forgotten!

    Main website:

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