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    DarkRaider [ROM][ICS][Sense 3.6][AIO]1.5.5 2ETO


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    DarkRaider [ROM][ICS][Sense 3.6][AIO]1.5.5 2ETO

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:39 am

    [ROM][ICS][Sense 3.6][AIO] DarkRaider 1.5.5 2ETO


    -Based on RUU 3.26.502.56
    -Aroma Installer
    -Zip Aligned
    -1% Percent Battery
    -Completely Working Leedroid Tweaks
    -Wipe or No Wipe
    -6 Kernel Options
    -Theme Options
    -Google Apps Options
    -4 Boot Animations
    -2 Keyboards
    -Ads or No Ads
    -SRS/Beats/EQ/Dolby or Stock Beats
    -Sense Removal/Lightening Options
    -2 Launchers in Addition to Rosie
    -3rd Party App Options
    -ADB Remountable
    -Ad Blocking via hosts
    -Enabled Mirror App
    -Enabled init.d Support/Scripts
    -Sense Lightening Options
    -Enabled All Rotation
    -Tweaked Status Bar Date Format
    -ADB Enabled by Default
    -Removed Carrier Text From Status Bar
    -Tethering Enabled For AT&T
    -Extended Quick Settings
    -Advanced Power Menu
    -Enhanced Sound Options
    -Tweaked build.prop Entries
    -Unknown Sources Enabled by Default
    -Tweaked Boot Animation
    -Boot Animation Options
    -Google Apps Options
    -Adobe FlashPlayer Option
    -Black HTC Power Down Animation
    -Tweaked Default Scene
    -Custom Ringtone
    -Much More

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    and anybody else I may have missed...

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