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    HTC HOLIDAY [ROM][Port]MIUIAndroid 2.9.21 ICS


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    HTC HOLIDAY [ROM][Port]MIUIAndroid 2.9.21 ICS

    Post  Admin on Sat Sep 22, 2012 9:21 am

    HTC HOLIDAY [ROM][Port]MIUIAndroid 2.9.21 ICS [Working LTE]

    By rafyvitto


    Themes don't apply on a fresh data wipe, get a root explorer and create a "theme" directory inside "/data/system" then restart and themes will work.

    1.Faux 007u kernel with sweep2unlock.
    3.Aosp ics keyboard
    4.Deleted a few stuff to slim down the rom like htc ebooks and useless apps etc.
    5. 3-Way Reboot Menu

    wifi tether works just change these settings and it will work:
    Start Application
    Go to Settings
    Select Device Type -> Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE
    Select Change Setup-Method -> netd (master)
    Select Enable WiFi-Encryption -> Your Choice
    Select Routing Fix
    Start Tether and allow Root

    LTE can work! Along with MMS and Visual Voicemail both!

    updating the AT&T APN info does the trick AND allows connection to 4G/LTE.

    update the wap.cingular APN settings as follows:

    Change the APN to read 'pta'
    Remove Proxy info
    Remove Port info
    Remove Username
    Remove Password
    Remove Server

    Change MMSC to read ''
    Change MMS Proxy to read ''
    Change MMS Port to '80'
    Leave MCC and MNC as 310 and 410 respectively
    Make sure "Authentication Type" is NOT set
    APN Type should read 'default,admin,fora,mms,hipri,supl' (no spaces)
    Your APN Protocol should be IPv4
    Also ensure Bearer is 'unspecified.'

    Make sure there are no quotes around what you put in, these are simply to designate what goes in each must have an LTE SIM card in order to access LTE bands.

    MiuiAndroid for its translations in /app /framework!
    Everyone who tested the rom on IRC both on android-maisters and htc-holiday

    Main website

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